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Grand Canyon West Rim or Grand Canyon South Rim

You are planning to visit the Grand Canyon but not sure where to start? Let's begin with explaining the difference in the rims of the Grand Canyon and what you can experience at each. But, first, did you know that there are multiple rims at the Grand Canyon? There are two primary rims of the Grand Canyon, West Rim and South Rim, attracting thousands of tourists and travelers from all over the globe who want to experience this natural wonder.

Grand Canyon West Rim is the closest rim to the Nevada and Arizona border. From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim, it is approximately a two-hour and thirty-minute drive and a forty-five-minute helicopter ride one-way. The West Rim exudes a more desert-like feel and vibe. There are lots of neutral, brown, red, and orange tones that can be seen at the Grand Canyon West Rim.

Grand Canyon South Rim, home to Grand Canyon National Park, is located in the Northern region of Arizona and is approximately an hour and thirty-minute drive from Flagstaff and a three hour and thirty-minute drive from Phoenix. The South Rim contains some of the most spectacular canyon views and is home to Grand Canyon National Park! Grand Canyon South Rim has bolder colors such as bright reds, oranges, and lots of green. That’s right, Kaibab National Forest lies just within the Grand Canyon South Rim and contains the world's largest stand of Ponderosa pines. The Grand Canyon South Rim is at a higher elevation, so weather typically tends to be much cooler.

What to do at Grand Canyon West Rim

Grand Canyon West Rim Tours & Activities

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk

    The Grand Canyon West Rim Skywalk is a 10-foot wide stunning architectural marvel. This horseshoe-shaped glass bridge that extends 70 feet out over the rim of the Grand Canyon gives you a clear view 4,000 feet to the canyon floor below. The Grand Canyon West Rim Skywalk is located at Eagle Point, a sacred formation for the Hualapai tribe. This rock, fully created by nature, looks like an eagle soaring with its wings completely spread. This incredible formation can be seen right from the Skywalk!

  • Guano Point

    Guano Point is known as one of the most dramatic viewpoints of the Grand Canyon! You have the opportunity to take the "Highpoint Hike" to experience a breathtaking 360-view of the Canyon. However, it is essential to remember to proceed with extreme caution as there are no railings. Guano Point is named after the Bat Cave Mine that used to exist 2,500 feet below. Today, you are still able to see remnants of the cable tramway.

  • Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Tour

    Experience unparalleled views of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World from a unique perspective with a helicopter tour. Maverick Helicopters offers helicopter tours to Grand Canyon West from our terminals located in Las Vegas and Grand Canyon West Rim. You will land at the bottom of the West Rim for a one-of-a-kind immersive experience and intimate views of the canyon and Colorado River. Indulge in light snacks and refreshments, and top off your experience with a splendid champagne toast.

    Maverick Helicopters exclusively flies ECO-Star helicopters, the only helicopters designed for air-tourism with front-facing theater-style seating and wraparound glass for superior visibility.

What to do at Grand Canyon South Rim

What to do at Grand Canyon South Rim

  • Grand Canyon South Rim Hike

    A popular activity to tackle during your visit to the South Rim is a Day Hike at Grand Canyon National Park. The Rim Trail is a well-defined hiking trail that inclines to flat and stretches from South Kaibab Trailhead west to Hermit's Rest. Most of the trail is paved, and several sections are accessible. This hike is excellent for walking and quiet views of the inner canyon. The Rim Trail is ideal for visitors who desire a doable hike with minimal elevation change. However, it is essential to note that the trail may be slippery or icy during the winter months. Leashed pets are permitted on the trail but not allowed on any park shuttle buses.

  • Grand Canyon South Rim Mule Trip

    An adventurous activity to partake in at the South Rim would be a fantastic mule ride. Mule rides offered at Grand Canyon National Park range anywhere from two hours to overnight trips. The mule ride takes you alongside the rim or deep into the inner depths of the Grand Canyon. Hone in on the amazing Grand Canyon wildlife, environment, and surrounding nature with mule riding.

  • Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Tour

    Maverick Helicopters also offers exhilarating helicopter tours at Grand Canyon South Rim. Depart from our terminal at Grand Canyon National Park and soar over the beautiful colors of the South Rim. Experience unobstructed views of Kaibab National Forest and the remote North Rim, the least visited rim at the Grand Canyon due to its location and limited accessibility. This activity is one you must cross off your bucket list.

We hope we helped you understand the difference of the rims of the Grand Canyon but if you need more information to select the right Grand Canyon Rim YOU should visit check out our video Grand Canyon West Rim vs. South Rim | Which One Should I Visit?.

Which Grand Canyon Rim should I visit


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